Job cutbacks at the Dubbo Council

The Dubbo city council has deicded to go ahead with plans to conduct a financial sustainability study of departments and projects within the local council. Dubbo newspaper, the Daily Liberal, reported that the study, which will begin in the new financial year, could result in job losses and project cutbacks within the council

The study – which a council spokeswoman said would “document the condition of council’s infrastructure and finances” – will examine the core business in each department, Councilor Richard Mutton said.

The report will list information on around 70 projects (namely parks and ovals) that were cancelled last year when the council’s request for a 4 per cent rate rise was knocked back by the State Government.

The council has confirmed that there won’t be another rate rise in 2009 which suggests the risk of more project cuttings this year is quite high. Consequently this could mean that a lot of council employees might find themselves without work this year.

Cr Richard Mutton said the study could result in job losses, or could see council simply not increase staff.

“I emphasise could, it could see cutbacks in some services and cutback in jobs,” he said. “It could also mean we don’t increase staff or use natural attrition to cut numbers.

I think many employees at the council would be worried by this news, which could be a bit premeditated at this stage but the media coverage will insure that the employees take extra effort to sustain their jobs. 

While Dubbo appears to be downsizing projects, Orange is boasting a giant surge in unit and duplex development. The Central Western Daily reported that:

In the past five years more than 200 duplex and unit developments have been built in the city, with newer areas the focus of builders and investors snapping up corner blocks as soon as they go on sale.

Real estate agent Libby Seamean suggested in an interview with the Central Western Daily that the reason for the increase in unit development was the demand for smaller apartment-style homes that suited first-home buyers and young professionals. With the economic recession underway this type of development would be more appealing and affordable for many.


Perhaps the Dubbo Council should follow Orange’s lead and focus on this type of residential development as opposed to expansion of parks and ovals. The media coverage would be a boost for Orange’s ego.


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