Whining about the Swine

A couple in Mexico City Photo: The Guardian (UK)

A couple in Mexico City Photo: The Guardian (UK)

The media has been going crazy with week with reports that the Swine Flu has hit Australia. The “pandemic” has been front page news of the Sydney Morning Herald two days in a row, as well as international papers. While it is no doubt that the flu has been very lethal in Mexico, with over 90 deaths, I don’t think it has quite reached the “pandemic” status in Australia that media representations are implying.

I read an article in the Sydney Morning Herald yesterday that said the Swine Flu was going to further push the economy into recession.  The SMH reported that Crude Oil stocks had fallen alot this week from the concern that the flu breakout would curtain air travel. It is a possibility that the Swine flu could affect the economy but I think it is a bit too soon for the media to be making these predicitons – it only creates more worry and concern for us!

An article in Time made me feel a lot more confident when they agreed that the media was overexaggerating the effects of the swine flu on the economy.

The odds that tens of thousands of people will die from the flu are low. Advances in medicine and public health policy have made a big difference in the ability to monitor emerging serious illnesses. The fact that the new disease seems not to be terribly virulent outside of Mexico is another factor that supports the opinion that this will not be a major epidemic. However, in the minds of some analysts, the world can still look forward to trillions of dollars in financial losses and an economic depression.

Yep another trillion dollars down the drain. I understand it is the media responsibility to report on the outbreak of the Swine flu – which has had one or two confirmed cases in Australia – but I think at this stage our economy will remain in relatively the same situation based on other factors.

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  1. Thanks for the info. With all the bad information we get online with crazy credit websites, it is good to read something from someone who knows what they are talking about.

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